27/04/2018 Improved extractability of carotenoids from tomato peels as side benefits of PEF treatment of tomato fruit for more energy-efficient steam-assisted peeling
26/04/2018 The impact of high pressure processing on the phenolic profile, hydrophilic antioxidant and reducing capacity of purée obtained from commercial tomato varieties
19/04/2018 Application of continuous-type pulsed ohmic heating system for inactivation of foodborne pathogens in buffered peptone water and tomato juice
10/04/2018 Simultaneous determination of water- and fat-soluble vitamins, lycopene and beta-carotene in tomato samples and pharmaceutical formulations: double injection single run by reverse-phase liquid chromatography with UV detection
06/04/2018 Effects of different irrigation methods on nitrous oxide emissions and ammonia oxidizers microorganisms in greenhouse tomato fields
01/04/2018 In-package atmospheric cold plasma treatment of bulk grape tomatoes for microbiological safety and preservation
01/04/2018 NAC-NOR mutations in tomato Penjar accessions attenuate multiple metabolic processes and prolong the fruit shelf life
27/03/2018 Geostatistical analysis of tospovirus in tomato crop
25/03/2018 Variations in physical-chemical properties of tomato suspensions from industrial processing
24/03/2018 Transcription analysis of the ethylene receptor and CTR genes in tomato: The effects of on and off-vine ripening and 1-MCP
23/03/2018 Effect of carotenoids, extracted from dry tomato waste, on the stability and characteristics of various vegetable oils
21/03/2018 Heredities on fruit color and pigment content between green and purple fruits in tomato
21/03/2018 Tomato yield, quality and water use efficiency under different drip fertigation strategies
21/03/2018 Synergistic effect of abscisic acid and ethylene on color development in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit
21/03/2018 Cascading use of Miscanthus as growing substrate in soilless cultivation of vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) and subsequent direct combustion
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