23/09/2018 Purification and characterization of a H2O2-tolerant alkaline protease from Bacillus sp. ZJ1502, a newly isolated strain from fermented bean curd
22/09/2018 Immersion-free, single-pass, commercial fresh-cut produce washing system: An alternative to flume processing
22/09/2018 Effect of exogenous auxin on aroma volatiles of cherry tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit during postharvest ripening
21/09/2018 Induced accumulation of individual carotenoids and quality changes in tomato fruits treated with pulsed electric fields and stored at different post-treatments temperatures
21/09/2018 Tomato saponin supplementation ameliorates the development of experimental arthritis by regulating inflammatory responses
21/09/2018 Increased diffusivity of lycopene in hot break vs. cold break purees may be due to bioconversion of associated phospholipids rather than differential destruction of fruit tissues or cell structures
21/09/2018 Development of yield and harvesting time monitoring system for tomato greenhouse production
21/09/2018 Manipulating tomato plant electric signaling system by microwave radiation to enhance crop productivity and nutritional value
21/09/2018 Water- and nitrogen-saving potentials in tomato production: A meta-analysis
21/09/2018 Assessment of 112 tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivars for industrial processing in Portoviejo, Ecuador
21/09/2018 Seedlings production of two tomato (Solanum licopersicum L.) cultivars under different environments and substrates
30/07/2018 Transcriptional regulation of auxin metabolic-enzyme genes during tomato fruit development
29/07/2018 Genes differentially expressed in broccoli as an early and late response to wounding stress
27/07/2018 Inhibition of fungi with wood extractives and natural durability of five Cameroonian wood species
26/07/2018 Spanish traditional tomato. Effects of genotype, location and agronomic conditions on the nutritional quality and evaluation of consumer preferences
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